Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Pound Cake


Butter: For this smaller-sized bundt cake, use one stick of unsalted butter at room temperature.
Cream Cheese: Use full-fat brick-style cream cheese for the perfect texture. This also needs to be at room temperature.
Vanilla Extract

Eggs: Use three large eggs. Make sure to add one egg at a time. Add the next egg only after the others are fully incorporated. 

Chocolate Chips.
Bring all ingredients to room temperature before beginning. 

Mix well: In a large bowl, beat the butter and cream cheese at medium speed until lump-free, creamy, and smooth.

egg at a time: Add eggs individually, ensuring each is fully blended before adding the next egg.

Dry ingredients: you can add the baking powder, salt, and flour in the same bowl. Don't overmix once you add the flour to keep the pound cake crumb soft!

Bake: This pound cake needs a cooler oven and a little more time baking time don't be alarmed if it takes you longer than 50 minutes to bake fully.

Cool: make sure to cool the pound cake in the pan for at least 30 minutes before inverting it into a cooling rack or serving plate. 
Written by Brunella Boccoleri, photos and videos by Sophia Malcoyannis. Original recipe by CookingWithManuela.

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