The quality of our chocolate is just as important as how we source our ingredients. That’s why we’re proud to trade directly with our farmers, paying a livable and fair price for our cacao. These relationships allow our farmers to preserve rare cacao varieties, regional biodiversity, and generations of sustainable farming practices.

Direct Trade

We trade directly with our farmers, allowing us to form long-term relationships with our family-owned farming communities. Instead of using fair-trade practices, which involves sourcing our ingredients through a middleman, we can connect with our farmers and learn how to best support their communities.

We make sure to pay at least double the market prices for our cacao and attempt to visit Ecuador annually to meet with our farmers. We care about our relationships with Ecuadorian farmers, and by using direct trade, we can maintain those relationships over time, which is fundamental to the success of our company. 

Farming Practices

By supporting our farmers, we allow them to preserve healthy agricultural practices, which have been passed down through generations. We support the traditional methods of biodiverse cacao farms, which include growing different plants such as avocado trees, banana trees, and coffee plants. We also support the biodiversity of cacao. Many of the cacao varieties that Ecuadorian farmers produce are extremely rare and endemic to Ecuador, and by purchasing this cacao, we ensure that farmers can continue to grow these varieties of cacao. 

We look forward to releasing more information soon about the regions we source our cacao from!