Here at our KakaoZon, we believe quality chocolate starts with premium cacao. This is why all of our cacao is sourced from Ecuador. Today, only 5% of cacao produced globally is considered fine aroma cacao, yet nearly 63% of the cacao produced in Ecuador is considered fine aroma. Ecuadorian cacao of the Arriba Nacional variety is extremely rare and is known for its fruity and floral flavor tones, creating its reputation as the source of the world’s premier chocolate.

Nacional cacao trees are thought to be descended from the first cacao trees ever domesticated. Ecuador has a 5,000 year history of cultivating, harvesting, and exporting cacao of this variety and for that reason there is a strong generational tradition of cacao production and farming in the country. Chocolate is deeply rooted in Ecuadorian culture. The significance of this crop in Ecuador has lead to a wealth of knowledge shared among cacao farmers, improving farming methods over time and exemplifying the sustainable history of the Ecuadorian chocolate industry. We are honored to trade directly with our farmers and help them preserve and protect the rich history of fine Ecuadorian chocolate. 

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