In everything we do, KakaoZon strives to be authentic. Our drive to protect the plant and be truly sustainable must be supported by outside organizations that double check our work, to ensure that we truly are making a positive difference. Certifications help us make sure that we prevent bias and greenwashing in our sustainable decision making. We believe that certifications are the key to increasing transparency and letting you know what we’re up to!

USDA Organic

We source our ingredients from traditional, biodiverse farms in Ecuador that do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on their crops and also refrain from growing or using GMOs on their farmlands. Our family-owned farms promote biodiversity and promote balance in their ecosystems through planting a variety of crops, using natural soil enrichment and pest control methods. These qualifications are necessary for the USDA Organic Certification, which many of our products have. These products are overseen by a USDA certifying agent, who verifies our healthy agricultural practices.

Currently, our business is certified USDA Organic for our 72% Dark Chocolate Chips with Panela, Cacao Powder, Cacao Nibs, Cacao Paste, and Cacao Butter. In the future, we plan on extending this certification to all of our products. We are still working towards certifying our other products as multi-ingredient products tends to require a longer certification process.

Learn more about USDA Organic Certification here.

1% for the Planet

KakaoZon is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet©, an organization we joined to solidify our commitment to environmental philanthropy. Being 1% for the Planet© certified means we are committed to donating 1% of our annual profits to approved environmental nonprofits. We directly donate to these nonprofits to begin to form relationships with them. This is a great way to prevent greenwashing and helps ensure our philanthropy supports reputable and verified organizations. We look forward to releasing the nonprofits we are planning to partner with shortly.

Learn more about 1% for the Planet© here.

Our Future

Here at KakaoZon, we are always striving to be better. And that includes being more transparent and holding ourselves to higher standards. We are currently working on earning Kosher and Minority-owned business certifications. We look forward to expanding our certifications in the future, as we are firm believers in holding businesses accountable.