KakaoZon is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality Ecuadorian cacao products, offering options that are both sustainable and health-conscious. We ensure the integrity of our chocolate through sustainable farms, direct sourcing, quality ingredients, and community philanthropy. In doing this, we strive to conserve the megabiodiversity of cacao in Ecuador, support the sustainable farming practices of multigenerational cacao farmers, give back to local communities, and expand access to high quality, clean label chocolate.

Sustainable Farms:

We strive to ethically source our ingredients from biodiverse, family-owned farming communities, preserving healthy agricultural practices in Ecuador. We pay liveable wages for our ingredients, allowing farmers to improve their farms and lives.

Direct Sourcing:

Direct relationships with our farmers are fundamental to our company, allowing us to bypass middlemen and simplify our supply chain. We make an effort to visit Ecuador annually and maintain communication with our farming communities.

Quality Ingredients:

We aim to ensure every aspect of ingredient quality, from responsible farming practices to buying premium Ecuadorian cacao. We use simple, transparent ingredient lists with clean labels, so you know exactly what is in our products.

Community Philanthropy:

By partnering with philanthropy organizations to preserve our environment, hiring local paid interns, and volunteering in nearby communities annually, we strive to invest in the communities and Earth around us.