The process begins with the knowledge and care of our farmers. They carefully select the best trees in order to grow the finest cacao pods. Once those pods are ready for harvest, they are hand-picked from the trees. The pulp is removed from the pods and fermented in a slow process over a few days. This is when the bean's distinct flavors fully develop. The cacao is then dried and roasted. The roasting allows the cacao taste to emerge, while eliminating the bitterness of the raw bean. The shells of the bean are then removed, and the cacao nibs are ground and mixed with other pure ingredients like dairy and cocoa butter. The mixture is conched to create a smooth texture and bring out the perfect flavor.

Eventually, this becomes the treasured chocolate that we proudly sell to our customers. The entire process happens locally. Throughout the process, the cacao is sustainably harvested, in order to support the farming community and the land.

Sample our lines of milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, sugar-free chocolate and chocolate-covered fruit. You'll enjoy the world's finest from Ecuador.