Our farmers carefully select the healthiest cacao trees in order to harvest the finest cacao pods. Once ripe, the pods are hand-picked from the trees, the pulp is removed from the pods, and the seeds are fermented in a slow process over a few days. Fermentation is where the beans' distinct flavors fully develop. Then, the cacao is dried and roasted, allowing the cacao taste to emerge while eliminating the bitterness of the bean. The shells of the beans are removed, and the resulting cacao nibs are mixed with other pure, premium ingredients, such as sugar and cacao butter, also derived from our premium cacao pods. This mixture is then conched, which is a process of evenly distributing cacao butter through the chocolate, in order to create a smooth texture and ensure the perfect flavor. 

Cacao Beans Fermentation Process

Our Factory

Located at over 8000 feet above sea level in Quito, Ecuador, our factory currently manufactures all of KakakoZon’s cacao products. Manufacturing our chocolate near our farms is vital to our process and mission. Equally distributing wealth between developed and developing countries is important to us, and by manufacturing our chocolate in the same country from which we source our ingredients, we keep wealth in Ecuador. Maintaining a fair balance of profit between countries can help to sustain the economies of both nations and cease the cycle of wealth inequality. We also strive to reduce our carbon footprint in any way possible. By manufacturing our chocolate in Ecuador, as well as sourcing the majority of our ingredients, including our cacao, and packaging nearby, we minimize emissions spent transporting ingredients.

Eventually, our amazing chocolate ends up in your hands for you to enjoy every creamy bite. We are grateful that we are able to share our chocolate and our process with you. 

Chocolate Chips in the Factory