Bulk Organic Raw Cacao Paste (10kg)
Bulk Organic Raw Cacao Paste (10kg)

Bulk Organic Raw Cacao Paste (10kg)

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Bulk organic raw cacao paste (10kg) for all things chocolaty

Set the right mood for the day ahead by eating a spoonful of KakaoZon raw organic cacao paste. The Arriba Nacional cacao beans used for creating this product enrich it with floral and fruity flavors and turn it into a great addition to your favorite recipes. Buy bulk organic raw cacao paste to experiment with them all!

Whatever you’re going to treat yourself to, our organic cacao paste will make it twice as yummy. Made from highly prized Ecuadorian beans, it stands out with a distinctive aroma and delectable texture. Once you try this cacao paste, you know what a gastronomic delight tastes like. 

If you want to impress your loved ones with a Michelin-quality dessert or serve something out-of-this-world for your guests and clients, this cacao paste is your top choice.

Nutritional boost? Grab our bulk organic raw cacao paste for sale to get even more than that. As pure cacao beans undergo no processing except for being crushed, our paste preserves all the benefits of cacao. You can use it as a supplementary source of copper, zinc, iron, and magnesium.

Order now and make your diet plan as delicious and nutrient-rich as never before!