Discover KakaoZon Subscription
Discover KakaoZon Subscription

Discover KakaoZon Subscription

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This is the perfect chocolate subscription to get a taste of everything KakaoZon has to offer. Discover the rich flavors of premium Ecuadorian cacao with our new Discover KakaoZon subscription plan. 

Each subscription period, you will receive a surprise assortment of five KakaoZon goodies: three different chocolate bars (including inclusion bars) plus two more premium Ecuadorian chocolate products. 

With each Discover KakaoZon subscription package, you will experience five different products among the following: 

  • Premium chocolate bars
  • Inclusion bars
  • Chocolate-covered fruits
  • Chocolate chips (1lb)
  • Cacao powder (1lb)
  • Cacao nibs (1lb)

IN ADDITION, you will always receive:

  • A reusable gift pouch
  • A free gift

Expand your palate, experience unique chocolate varieties, and be the first to taste new flavors whenever we launch them.

Our commitment to sustainability begins on our Ecuadorian cacao farms and continues to your doorstep. This chocolate subscription includes reusable and recyclable packaging, and with each subscription "box" you receive, you help preserve Ecuadorian farming traditions and maintain fair trading practices.

SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE ON FUTURE SHIPPING COSTS. For a limited time, all new subscribers will receive guaranteed free shipping throughout their subscription plan.  

Simply choose how often you want your KakaoZon goodies delivered (every month, every two months, or every three months) and enjoy your scheduled deliveries of the finest clean-label chocolate products. Your subscription cycle begins the date you sign up (eg. if you signed up for a monthly subscription box on July 25th, your next box will be sent out on or around August 25th).