Hot Cocoa on Front Lines


Cadbury Cocoa advertisement used during war time.

From its origins in Mesoamerica all the way to the European forces in both World Wars, chocolate has served as both compensation and fuel for warriors and soldiers alike for hundreds of years now! According to the Art of Manliness webpage, there have been many different ways in which chocolate has been prepared across different time periods to better fuel soldiers out on the battlefield.

For example, during the Revolutionary War rather than a nightly drink, chocolate was often a breakfast food and would be  received on a monthly basis as a form of payment since currency was not a good option. Often in forms of little cakes that could be broken off into hot, boiling water. 

In World War I however, it was thanks to YMCA volunteers that hot cocoa was provided for many troops especially since cocoa powder was already invented at this point, making the entire process a lot more convenient. And in World War II a specific combat ration was developed for soldiers to take out into the field in which cocoa mix was added to,  guaranteeing that every single one of them had at least a serving of hot chocolate.

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