Gifting Chocolate at Christmas


Image shows household burning Yule logs.

From Yule Logs to St Nick, and even what we know as advent calendars in this day and age can all be traced back in one way or another to chocolate and the evolution of Christmas traditions. Like many other Christmas staples, chocolate has managed to embed itself in the multitude of diverse flavors that people look for during the holidays, but just how long ago did this start?

Well, according to the Coco Chocolatier webpage, Chocolate Yule Logs Actually came about as an inspiration from wood logs that the Catholic Church would burn as part of rituals  that in one way or another were thought to prevent bad luck. Though they were initially used for decoration in many homes after the customary rituals, they then became a tasty little treat as chocolate was an easy ingredient to create with!

But perhaps the most remarkable one is that of the chocolate gold coin wish is one that most of us probably remember seeing or even eating at some point in our lives. What if we told you that it comes from the legend of Saint Nicholas in the 5th Century? A good deed equals a good coin, which was popularized as a chocolate gold coin around the 1920s and has lasted ever since.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, visit the Coco Chocolatier webpage!