Tito Vitaminas Choco Milk

Chocolate milk advertisement used in Mexico that introduced the character 'Tito Vitaminas'.


Here is a 1940s advertisement used in Mexico to promote cold chocolate milk for kids instead of the customary hot beverage. Specifically highlighting the strength that ‘choco-milk’ can provide to a growing kid! Hence the name Tito Vitaminas. Though one can note that at the bottom of the advertisement it still highlights that the product itself can be drank as either hot or cold. 

According to the Google Arts & Culture webpage, the traditionally hot beverage only began to alternate as a result of this Choco Milk ad campaign. Considering that it worked since it still exists, it is highly regarded as a generational, nostalgic product as well since many kids were raised drinking it as a result.

Similar to coffee, the concept of cold chocolate milk itself is one that people have debated yet gotten accustomed to as the years have passed because both types of beverages originally began as hot ones, and though the cold versions are highly popularized now, there are still some people that believe neither or at least one or the other, should not be drank cold. Interesting, huh?

If you would like to read more about this kind of advertisement or the history of chocolate specifically in Mexico, visit the MUCHO-Museo del Chocolate webpage to find out a lot more!