Chocolate Box Art


Painting of English countryside that encapsulates what 'chocolate box art' is.

One of the first chocolate manufacturers to bring about this trend that would later be known as chocolate box art was Cadbury, who he himself would draw and paint on the chocolate boxes that people would then gift to others, and essentially became one of the trademarks specific to this type of treat and not so much to any specific brand.

The general consensus is that the paintings were often quite sentimental and dreary for a lack of better words, often  depicting images of the English Countryside and it's charming little cottages surrounded by nature. But even so, it became a sort of tradition for chocolate boxes to be decorated in this way for whatever reason.

But it is that same over production of the same kinds of images That took what was once a beautiful and unique idea specific to chocolate products then became a highly unoriginal and laughable thing. Therefore, the art community took it upon themselves to use this sad turn of events for chocolate boxes as a form of insult to other artists whose work they feel is unoriginal, over-sentimental and lackluster.

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