Cacao Suchard Tin Can

Cacao tin can made by Suchard sometime in the early 1900s.

Advertisements on tin cans were one of the most effective marketing methods used back in the day! This particular example is of cacao sold by Suchard, a chocolate factory founded on 1826 in Switzerland. Like many other manufacturers at the time, this advertisement was created through the process of chromolithogroaphy which are essentially small, tiny dots placed in ways that convey an image without actually needing to hand make each one; effectively more productive while being a lot less time consuming.

This type of product would only become mass produced through industrizalization as it became more common for middle-class households to purchase cacao and other chocolate products that were previously not available to them. Thus manufacturers saw a benefit in creating unique motifs that would draw people's eyes as a way to stand out from all the other products that people bought; tin cans were an increasingly popular way to preserve and package food. 

This particular category of vintage advertising is highly popular and ranges from chocolate to coffee, and even tobacco; so if you’d like to read more about this topic then feel free to visit the Collectors Weekly webpage as they detail not only what can be found in this particular category but also how advertising changed over the years as a result.